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From the Director

Texas Southern University, recognized in 1990 by the National Council of Educational Opportunity Associations, has hosted the Upward Bound Program on its campus since its inception in 1965. As a parent of a participant in the Upward Bound Program, you will feel proud that an institution such as Texas Southern University cares about your child’s future and his/her success

The Upward Bound program seeks a holistic approach to a child’s development, and it is designed to enhance his/her academic and life experiences. The aim is to develop academic skills through activities that will motivate them intellectually and culturally. Further, such experiences will help enrich their social and personal awareness.

The Upward Bound staff at Texas Southern University is prepared and currently educating future generations of productive citizens. Additionally, the Upward Bound Program increases academic awareness and provides for a successful transition from high school to post secondary education and beyond.

The Upward Bound Program encourages young people to achieve academic excellence, thereby increasing the students’ chances for success in post-secondary education. Indeed, I view the Upward Bound Program as an invaluable tool in shaping our young people to meet academic and leadership needs in order to be a thriving individual in society. Let us never forget that “Education is the passport to the future and the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” (Malcolm X)