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Apply for Open Position


How do I apply for a job?

The application process has three steps:

(1) Create a log in user name and password. This will enable you to come back and apply for additional positions as well as check on the status of a position.

(2) Create your on-line application-this can be done at any time.

(3) Applying your on-line application to a specific job opening by the closing date.

It is important that you read and follow all instructions carefully so that you submit all of the attachments required for the position.Once you have finalized your on-line application, you are ready to use that application to apply for one of the jobs shown on the on-line site. You can use the “ Search” feature on the web site to find any open positions that interest you and for which you meet the posted qualifications.

Be sure to remember your user name and password so that you can log back into the system at a future time. You may wish to make a note of your user name and password and have them handy when accessing the on-line site.

Do I need to apply on-line if I am only interested in temporary positions?
, on-line applications are designed for regular full-time and regular part-time positions only. 
Can I apply for more than one job at a time?
Yes,once you have completed your on-line application through our on-line site,you can apply for multiple positions that are currently open and on the Job Listing.  All you have to do to apply for another job is to log back on to the on-line site and apply, even days or weeks later. The application you originally submitted will still be in the system available for you to update and/or submit for another job opening.
Can I attach a resume or cover letter?
Yes.You may attach a resume and cover letter as you apply for each position. Electronic documents in Word or PDF format can be attached during the application process.
How long is my application valid?
If you do not apply for any job openings for a full year, you will have to re-enter your application before you can apply again. You will be able to make changes to your saved application prior to applying for a specific job opening.
When/how can I make changes to my application?
Changes can be made to your general application at anytime. However, once you submit an application for a particular position, you cannot go back and make changes to the submitted application. However, changes you do make to your application will be reflected for any new position for which you apply.
  • Using the on-line site, login using your username and password.
  • Looking at the menu bar on the left side of the computer screen, click on "Edit Application."
  • Make the desired changes to your application and save. Your original application is replaced with the new version.
  • The next time you apply for a position, your revised application will be submitted.

Note:If you find that you do need to make a correction or provide additional information after you have submitted your application for a job opening, you should contact
How do I print my application?
Before submitting your application, you will have the option to view it. When your application opens in a new browser window, using the tool bar at the top of your computer screen, click on File/ Print and follow the prompts on the screen to print.

I've been working for a long time. Why do I have to fill out another application?

Applications are required of each person applying for a position. It is likely that you may have acquired additional skills; experience and education since you originally applied that should be considered. In addition, completing an on-line application ensures your qualifications and personal information will be documented and ensures accurate applicant tracking information for every position.

I missed the deadline, can I still apply?

once a closing date (deadline) has passed, no applications will be accepted for that vacancy.

Can I still apply by sending my resume via email?

No, resumes/vitae are not accepted in lieu of a completed on-line application.
How can I check the status of my application?
Using the on-line site, you can login using your user name and password. Looking at the left side menu bar, click on "Manage Jobs." You will see one of three status notes next to each position for which you applied:
  • In Process - position is still open and based on your skills/qualifications, you may or may not be contacted for an interview;
  • Not Selected - You are not being considered for the position – the position may still be open;
  • Position Filled - Another candidate has been hired
The status of your application is automatically updated.

I liked the old way better, why did you change to the on-line system?

The benefits of the on-line process to applicants, hiring departments and the University far outweigh the advantages of staying with our manual application process.

The on-line system provides more information to applicants, including the status of the position(s) for which they have applied, daily updates to job postings and the ability to update their application online. The system can be accessed 24-hours-a day, 7-days-a-week from any Internet connection. Applicants can do a search for openings based on department or title and can track the hiring process.

The on-line process reduces the process time from when a job is listed to when applications are received thus reducing the time it takes to fill a position. It also reduces the redundant work of processing, printing, copying and distributing paper applications/resumes. It provides more consistent applicant tracking information and the ability to search and utilize applications on file.

I am having a technical problem with my computer that is preventing  me from completing the application or applying for a job. What can I do?

Be sure you are using either Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. You may send an email with the specific problem to and someone from the Tiger Team will assist you. In the event of an approaching deadline, computers are available at the Human Resources Office.    Employees can access the on-line system through their desktop computer. In addition, computers are available at most worksites with the authorization of a supervisor.

I get a blank screen. What can I do?

Be sure you are using either Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. Also, under your browser Internet options, please be certain to have cookies and java script "enabled." (These are options for Internet use) If you are still having difficulties contact the and explain the specific problem. Someone from the Employment Tiger Team will assist you.

If I submit my application without the other required documents will this delay the review process?
Your application will not be accepted without the required attachments.

When submitting an application on-line it asks for a signature, will my application be reviewed?
Yes, your application will be reviewed with the electronic signature when you check to validate the submission of your application. We will request a signature from you when and if you are scheduled for an interview.

Once I submit my application, how long before I hear from someone?
You will have immediate notification as to whether you meet the minimum qualifications. Normally, the hiring authority should contact the qualified candidate(s) they wish to interview within three (3) weeks of the position close date.

May I contact the department responsible for posting the position?
We recommend that you do not call the department or the Hiring Authority. Calling may hinder rather than help a decision in your favor.

I saw a position on the website and now the position is no longer there. May I still apply for that position
Not at this timeWe are required to advertise positions for only seven (7) days. The position may close at anytime after that seventh day .