Why do we do Performance Evaluations?

 - Have a record of performance

 - Give feedback on performance in a formal way

 - Receive feedback from your employee

 - Measure performance and track progress

 - Acknowledge contributions/ recognize achievements

 - Identify areas for growth and improvements and create action plans/ goals for success

Preparation Checklist for Writing a Performance Evaluation

Before you get started in writing an evaluation for your employee, make sure that you have these items with you:

[]  Employee’s self evaluation

[]  Past notes/ documentation on the employee

[]  Record of what trainings your employee has completed

[]  Copy of Performance Improvement Plans/ Write Ups/ Disciplinary Action

[]  Copy of last year’s performance review

[]  Employee job description/ last year’s goals

 Conducting a Successful Evaluation Meeting

A Performance Review should be a Dialogue, not a Lecture.

1) Review and Discuss past performance

     - Be fair, have proper documentation (don’t rely on just memory)

2) Discuss where things are right now and what needs to be done to improve.

  - Don’t compare your employees. View them as individuals.

     - Don’t make excuses for your employees. Focus on results.

3) Discuss the future plans, goals and objectives

     - The difference between a dream and a goal: Dreams are visions of what you want to achieve or who you want to be. Goals are clear, specific and
        measurable and they have a deadline


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