What types of research grants is the Office of Research responsible for?  Close
All federal and state grants. Foundation grants are handled through the Development Office.
How soon should I notify the Office of Research that I am interested in submitting a proposal?  Open
Is a formal notice of intent to apply required?  Open
What will the Office of Research do once you provide an informal notification?  Open
What is the procedure if multiple faculties want to submit a proposal limited to one per institution?  Open
What is the procedure for the Office of Research to submit my proposal?  Open
What is the protocol review process?  Open
How long does it take for a protocol to be reviewed?  Open
Are all protocols assigned to a committee?  Open
How often do the committees meet?  Open
When do the committees meet?  Open
Is the TOPAZ system only for TSU students and faculty? What if I want to do research, but am not a TSU student nor faculty?  Open