COPHS Student Organizations

Organization Registration

To be recognized as a student organization within the Joan M. Lafleur College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences all organizations must first register with the university.  Registration is required each academic year at the start of the Fall semester.  Once registered, please export your submission and send it to the COPHS Office of Outreach. 

To register your organization please visit the TSU Campus Organization Registration Form

COPHS Student Organization Activities

Organization Activities, Events & Fundraisers

All organization activities require approval including:

  • Meetings
  • Fundraisers
  • Travel & Off-Campus Events
  • Guest Speakers
  • Flyers & Use of TSU & COPHS Logos

Please submit your request via the online COPHS Org Activity Request Form
If there are additional forms such as room requests or travel, you will be able to upload the completed and signed forms with your request.  


Meetings require prior approval and an advisor or other faculty or staff member must be present.  

All on-campus meetings require an Internal Event Request form to ensure room availability, including rooms in Gray Hall and Nabrit Science Center.  

The TSU Internal Event Request form must be submitted via the COPHS Org Activity Request

For more information, please visit TSU Event Services.

Guest Speakers

All on-campus speakers require a background check to visit campus and interact with students. Please submit your activity request via the online COPHS Org Activity Request Form with a list of proposed guests.

The background check authorization form can be found HERE and should be completed and sent to Human Resources via email to Ms. Marie Henry (


Please submit your fundraising request via the online COPHS Org Activity Request Form.  Include as much information so that we can quickly provide approval.  

If you are selling any items with the TSU and/or COPHS Logos you must have prior approval to ensure proper usage.  Please see the section below.

Travel & Off Campus Events

ALL student travel must be approved including local travel to UH, health fairs, etc.  For efficiency, the org president or travel coordinator should complete the travel checklist, get signatures and upload forms for travelers at once.  We know that this isn't always feasible so we will continue to rework and refine the process as we go.  

Sometimes organizations are invited to take part in activities with very little notice.  At MINIMUM a travel cover sheet should be submitted so that the college and university are aware of where students are when traveling for college business.  Please submit the COPHS Student Travel Packet via the online COPHS Org Activity Request Form

Flyers, Logo Usage and Brand Guidelines

In order to maintain that continuity across all official materials, including print and electronic media, all marketing and communication materials will henceforth be required to adhere to the standards outlined in this Visual Identity Guide. The goal of this guide serves as an invaluable resource that creates a framework whereby all of our units and organizations can work independently to represent TSU in a consistent manner, while still maintaining their own unique identities.

Please review the TSU Graphic Standards Guide and then submit your flyer or merchandise mockup for approval via the online COPHS Org Activity Request Form