What is the maximum number of transfer credits that can be applied to my degree program?  Open
Can I submit an unofficial transcript if I am unable to obtain a copy of my official transcript from my previous institution(s)?  Open
How can I schedule an appointment with a Transfer Advisor/Department Advisor?  Open
Why are there multiple schools on my admissions record that I did not list on my application?  Open
How can I change my major (before and after registration)?  Open
What are the transfer admissions requirements?  Open
What is the timeframe for my transcript evaluation to be completed?  Open
What is the process to request a transcript re-evaluation and/or course/grade change?  Open
How can I apply/be considered for a Transfer Scholarship?  Open
Can I apply as a freshman (Academic Fresh Start) without submitting my official transcripts?  Open
If I have taken classes through dual credit, am I considered a freshman or transfer student?  Open
Can I start over as a freshman applicant if I do not want to include any classes that I have previously taken at another institution?  Open
Can I schedule an appointment with a transfer advisor to discuss what credits apply to my degree program?  Open
If I take a lower (100-200) level course at my community college, will it apply to my degree program as an upper (300-400) level course?  Open
If I took a course during a previous semester and/or at a one institution, and then repeated the course at a different institution during another semester, which course/grade will transfer?  Open
Can I make the selection on what courses I would like to transfer to Texas Southern University?  Open
Who is my academic advisor?  Open
Will Texas Southern University accept my credits?  Open
How do I verify Regional Accreditation of a College or University?  Open
How can I obtain access to my transcript from a closed institution?  Open