Disability Housing Accomodations
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Disability Housing Accommodations

Texas Southern University recognizes that students with disabilities may require a specific type of housing to fully participate in the residential component of the university experience. For these students, TSU provides disability housing accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADA AA). A disability is defined under the ADA AA as any mental or physical impairment that substantially limits the individual in a major life activity compared to the average person.
Please note the following about the procedures:
  • Students must be eligible for University housing in order to be eligible for disability housing accommodations
  • Students with service animals, or those requesting permission to have an assistance animal in housing, should also refer to the University’s Service and Assistance Animal Policy for complete information about related policy, procedures, and expectations.
  • Students who wish to have either “live-in” or per-diem personal care assistants (PCAs) must be approved for this accommodation before bringing their PCAs to campus.
  • TSU Students must re-apply for disability housing accommodations each year and submit new disability documentation.
Procedures for Requesting Housing Accommodations:
  1. Application: Students must complete a form describing their disability and their need for the housing they are requesting, and disability documentation.

    1. Disability documentation must: All required items must be sent to: Texas Southern University Office of Disability Services

      • Meet requirements outlined in Disability Services’ disability documentation guidelines for the student’s disability type 
      • Be sufficient to establish a direct link between the underlying condition and the requested housing accommodation(s).

    2. All required items must be sent to: Texas Southern University Office of Disability Services

  2. Review: Requests are considered by staff from the offices of Disability Services and TSU Housing and Residential Services. Both departments evaluates, among other things, the student’s disability status, the necessity of the requested accommodations, potential alternative accommodations, and what, if any, housing accommodations would be appropriate for the student. Students are informed of the status of their request by email within one week of the review.

  3. Deadlines: All requests for disability housing accommodations, along with all of the required documentation and forms referenced above, must be submitted by the following dates: May 1st for the Fall semester and November 1st for the Spring semester in attempt to meet the applicants accommodation needs.

  4. Housing Assignment: TSU students who have been approved for disability housing accommodations will receive a housing assignment with the approved accommodations. Please note that housing assignments are binding for the applicable housing period. A student who requests disability housing accommodations cannot decline an assignment in favor of room changes to another location. Students requesting to live with a roommate or a group of students must indicate this in the Roommate Request Section of the application All Roommate requests must be accepted by the requested student.